Zoho Projects Integration to Zoho CRM

Professional services firms, and other project-based companies will find our Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects integration very useful in their daily lives. The Zoho Projects integration allows Zoho CRM customers to plan, execute and monitor customer projects right from within your CRM account.

Key Features

  • Create or associate a project portal, right from your Zoho CRM account.
  • Create or associate projects from the Accounts, Contacts or Potentials modules
  • Add accounts and related contacts as clients and client users respectively.
  • Allow CRM users to view the status of a project from Accounts, Contacts and Potentials modules
  • Maintain the complete customer life-cycle in a single place – from lead generation, to understanding the requirements of the customer, to the complete execution of the project.


Business Scenario – Project Collaboration

Here’s a typical business scenario of project collaboration. A mid-sized design firm has a set of people who interact with customers trying to get new business or projects. They also have the design team who are the ones who actually work on the projects for the customers. In such a case, how does the project manager keep track and measure the overall progress of all customer projects being executed?
This is how Zoho Projects integrated with Zoho CRM can help you:

  • Maintain customer information inside Zoho CRM
  • Add projects related to your customers from Zoho CRM
  • Execute all projects inside Zoho Projects
  • View the status of the projects related to your customers inside Zoho CRM
  • Based on the completion status of your projects, you can take necessary actions.


Zoho Projects integration is available in the Professional and Enterprise Editions of Zoho CRM, at no extra cost. A Zoho Projects subscription is required, but even the Zoho Projects Free edition will work with this integration. Click here to try it now for free.

Time Tracking, Resource utilization and editable Gantt chart in Zoho Projects:

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