Zoho Catalyst

Using Zoho Catalyst As Development platform

Zoho Catalyst gives developers the opportunity to leverage Zoho’s sizable cloud infrastructure and development expertise through market-tested microservices. Catalyst combines storage and functions as a service, while also abstracting away servers and scalability concerns. Catalyst provides language flexibility and a pay-per-use model, making it a powerful and convenient full-stack serverless platform.

Here are some benefits of Zoho Catalyst

Speaks your language – Create serverless functions in your favorite languages, like Node.js and Java.

Deploys from anywhere – Use your favorite code editor or give our online version a spin. Then test and deploy it with our powerful CLI, or from the Catalyst site.

Ship with confidence – With separate sandboxes for development and production, always be sure to ship a well-tested build to your users.

Catalyst by Zoho provides a variety of components that help you ship high-quality server less solutions fast.

Catalyst strives to provide a seamless experience to developers, which is why we’ve handcrafted tools with every kind of developer in mind.

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