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Stay connected while on the go from anywhere with push mail from Zoho Apps, 2-way sync and mobile sites optimized for phones & tablets.

Zoho Mail is equivalent to Google Apps but it is completely free for the first five users. if you are an Small Medium Business looking for easy, free, mail application, Zoho Mail is now your best choice.  Zoho provides 5 completely advertisement free users email accounts. Goggle Apps use to have a free email application which was cancelled on December 6’th 2012.

Zoho mail is IMAP and integrated with all others Zoho business apps.

Yes…IMAP in short means…..your inbox, sent box, read and unread emails will be in sync on all devices because IMAP SENDS and RECEIVES all your email info on every device. 

POP in short means, the emails are only pulled down RECEIVED from the main server. Nothing is sent back to the servers to update the emails as sent, or read. 

Zoho Mail Mobile

Setting up gmail with zoho will only allow a POP setup withing the Zoho apps and portal sign or with CRM mail addon. Meaning, if you use a mobile device, outlook and web access for your emails, the read email and sent emails won’t be synced up with a POP account.

Zoho Mail is  has a cleaner, simpler interface, has calendar sharing, contacts sharing, tasks etc…and work well with multiple devices with syncing.

Wiz Zoho mail you can configure multiple email addresses and/or alias that I access from a single page. Like configuring outlook for several emails…..you can do the same with the Zoho Portal, so – One sign in and all your apps, emails, calendars, CRM etc are available from one web browser.Zoho also allows for 3rd party web apps to be added. So I also have IGoogle and Google Apps that I can access from the same screen….as well as my own website.

Zoho mail is fully IMAP capable and can be setup in windows, Mac and mobile devices Iphone (IPAD Blackberry, android, windows for mobile etc.

Zoho mail is just as good as Gmail/Google Apps 1and1 and many other mail providers and costs about the same Free first three users then $2-$3 per month after three users.

Bottom line….Host your emails on Zoho….same price as Google Apps….but has 20+ apps that integrate your IMAP/Synced emails with.

Zoho mail pricing

Customer Buzz – What some business owners and users are saying about Zoho mail:

“I have been using Zoho Mail and Calendar and am very pleased with the constant improvements and the overview of my Apps panel. I have integrated some third party tools my company uses, so I have everything in one place. Usable, flexible, fast”

– Rick Heijman,

“Zoho Mail is excellent and the additional features are second to none. I would definitely recommend Zoho Mail, especially if you need a business email but cannot afford to pay extortionate prices.”

– Denise Holton,

Graphic Designer, Writer

“Finally gained control of my Inbox with @zoho – amazing webmail client which is the best, hands down! Thx!”

– @Maribel C. Ibrahim

“I recommend anyone having problems with @GoogleApps to migrate to @ZohoMail immediately. It’s a much better service, and far cheaper.”

– @Rob Loewenherz

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